Surveys & Permits

If you are looking for the technical information on your next signage project, be it for permits, manufacturing or installation, let us gather the information for you. With contacts in over one hundred cities, we can assist in researching Southern California corporate sign or interior sign/interior sign Codes, securing Landlord Approvals and representation for Design/Architectural Review Boards on your next project. Our standard survey pack includes a general plot plan, elevation photos and sign measurements.

Sign plot plans you can use

One of our representatives will go to your job site and take all the necessary measurements. From that information, we will generate a plot plan that offers you a bird’s eye view with sign locations and lease measurements.

Comprehensive sign site surveys

Photos will help give you an accurate overview of the job site sign conditions. B.K. Signs Inc. can e-mail your photos directly to you or our Art Department for renderings that we can send to you.

Accurate sign measurements you can build on

Let B.K. Signs get the information you need for manufacturing & installation bids. With thorough information sheets, we believe you will find our surveys to be the best in the business. And we can e-mail your surveys directly to you. Please give us a call and let us handle all of your survey needs.

B.K. Permits

Centrally located in Los Angeles, B.K. Signs Inc., Permit Service covers Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange and Ventura Counties.

• Sign Engineering
• Sign Site Surveys
• Sign Planning & Preparation
• Sign Code Research
• Permits Procurement
• Plan Check Submittals
• Design / Architectural Review
• Board Representation



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