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Pole and Pylon Signs

Pole and Pylon signs are freestanding signs that rise up and advertise and attract pedestrian and commuter attention and make a positive impression to potential clients. Custom Pylon Signs can help direct traffic to your business location and communicate the message of a single business or multi-tenant complex. These customized pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, mini-malls, hotels, and retail locations

• Multi Tenant Complex
• Industrial complexes
• LED Message Board Sign
• Freeway Sign
• Shopping Center / Shopping Plazas
• Commercial Center Tenant Sign
• Tenant Pylon Sign


Main reasons to use these Business Signs


High Visibility

Pylon signs are tall structures that can be easily seen by potential customers walking or driving by the area. They can be illuminated for better visibility at night.

Eye-catching Look

There are many ways in which a pylon sign can be built to attract the attention of the target market. For example, they can include attractive graphics, fonts, colors or even LED display boards with colorful and engaging images and messages.

Custom Design

The customer can design the pylon sign according to his needs or preferences in terms of size, color, font, message board, etc.

Low Maintenance

This type of sign is weather resistant, so it can be exposed to various situations in outdoor location. Pylon signs are made of high-quality strong material that will need small amount of maintenance.

Reasonable Pricing

In the case of small businesses, pylon signs are a good option to promote their brand because they can just rent a section of this large sign.


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