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About Our Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs project a professional image. Each letter, including logos, is three dimensional and individually constructed with separate illumination, providing a highly visible signage presentation. Today the standard light source is high efficiency energy saving LEDs. There are four main types of illuminated channel letters:

• Standard Front Lit – Housed in an aluminum frame or letter, standard front lit channel letters are typically illuminated by internal neon tubing and have colored acrylic faces.
• Reverse Halo Lit – The lighting for these halo lit letters comes from behind the letters. They are made from aluminum with the back left open to produce the halo effect.
• Open Face Lit – These are essentially the same as the standard front lit, except they have clear acrylic faces to give an open appearance.
• Back Lit – At the same time, these are illuminated through the back of the letter and the front face
• Neon Lit – Oldest, classic, most attractive way of advertisement with vivid and bright colors

These signs are for any type of customers who is looking to project a professional image and is an ideal solution for:

• Apartment and condominium complexes
• Warehouses and facilities
• Restaurants
• Retail business owners
• Property managers and landlords
• Churches, Temples and Mosques
• Contractors and builders
• Schools, Colleges and Universities
• Grocery stores
• Shopping Center
• Hospitals

There are numerous benefits to using channel letters for your storefront signage:

• They enhance your brand’s image
• They provide enduring service
• They are energy efficient
• They increase visibility of your business, especially if the commercial sign is illuminated


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